Ikujinomiya Anniversary known as a village of Kamiki in Shogunsha (Tsugi).
It is a production area where there are many woodworking industries against the backdrop of abundant timber resources, and you can find it in the middle of Japan as seen on the map.
The brand name asahineko is a local coniferous tree called Kiso Gozi that grows with this knowledge,
It is a collective name of lifestyle tools using Asunaro, Sara, Hinoki, Nazuko, Koya Miki. Although it is a name made from the initials of Itsuki,
This nickname is an old-fashioned word taught when a child learns the name of a tree locally, making the tree culture rooted in the knowledge as it is as a brand name.
What we are aiming for is a tool to grow with the user.
It is a tool having a look after one year after one year, ten years later in ten years.
Coniferous trees are soft and scratch-resistant materials, but they also have the characteristic of being fragrant and light and easy to handle.
Taking advantage of this goodness, I tried designs familiar to the user as well as the years. Please experience the tools that combine the strength and kindness unique to coniferous trees.